How It Works


We specialize in matching you to your clients. Don't waste your time and money by sending information about your product to people that are not interested. Our Targeted Smart Pixel Technology (TSPT), helps us determine your market and aids in selecting records that match your criteria.


Why waste time and money on extra postage and hand addressing? Your data will be ran through our USPS certified software to make sure that all addresses are correct and up-to-date! Once your address list is clean, we can automate the addressing process and save you up to 40% in postal fees. Your savings on postage make this service just about free.

The Smart Pixel is placed on your website and will capture all addresses of visitors that remain on your website for more than 2 minutes. We will capture the following info...

  • Full name
  • Products or services searched while on your website
  • Physical address
Next, the customer will receive a direct mail offer via Priority Mail for only $2.00 The direct mail piece will contain the exact products and services that each individual customer viewed the most. With our special propensity to purchase algorithm, we can target the exact product or service in which the client has the most interest in, regardless of the number viewed while on your website. This is a free tool to install! The only cost is $2.00 per 6inx9in mailer including postage. (Priority Mail 2-3 business days guaranteed delivery).


First Impressions Count in Direct Mail.


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